But Wait…

FullSizeRenderHere is a question for you: Do you trust me (God) in the wait? I’ll give you my answer and it  has ALWAYS been yes! Of course God I trust you in the wait. However my answer has not always been yes and it has been a struggle to wait from time to time. It’s in the wait we have the opportunity to experience His grace which empowers us to honor Him in the wait.  Now I’ll ask you once again: Do you trust God in the wait? But wait..there’s more!

One of the greatest challenges in life is waiting. I think about my childhood and going through the waiting and the anticipation  for a holiday, a birthday party, or driving on a  vacation, it was hard. As a child, I  thought only about the desired destination not the journey or having to wait to arrive. The question “Are we there yet?” Followed by “it’s taking so long!” You know you’ve asked it and as a parent you’ve heard it.  You can try any and everything to keep your child distracted and enjoy the journey however the question is inevitable and the answer is, “you’re going to have to wait!”

The truth is, waiting will always be a constant. Waiting is a part of life. I believe it’s the HOW we wait that answers the question, “Do you trust me in the wait?”  What we do in the wait speaks to our character. Are we anxious, stress, angry, bitter? Many emotions point to a lack of trust in God’s timing. It is a test I have revisited many times in life and how we respond in the wait shows who we place out trust in.

I can think back to the process of waiting  in transition from one company to another. Over two years ago I was recruited to my current company. Initially I thought the recruiter had the wrong person. I was not in the market actively looking for a job, however my prayer was for a new opportunity. Let me just say here, be carful for what you pray for because God answers prayer!  With that said, I was not fully prepared for the interview process. My thought going into the conversations was I had interviewed hundreds of folks, how hard could it be, being on the other end and being interviewed.   So I entertained a few conversations having not interviewed in over 12 years for a position. After these few conversations, the interest in the company began to grow and so did my wait.

The position I was being considered for would be a lateral move in terms of scope of responsibility.  I had two preliminary interviews then landed an interview with the market director.   I was not prepared to discuss at a higher level my success in operations . I had the experience, however being able to paint a picture of accomplishments was challenging for me. As a result, the feedback that I received was, “Great candidate not at this time.”

I was somewhat surprised I didn’t get the job.  I felt I had done a decent job in the interviews. I stumbled my way through a few answers however I thought it would have brought me to the  job after all, they were recruiting me. Over the next weeks, I revisited and I rationalized and came to the conclusion, it was not the right timing. God was moving us to a different state and if had I gotten the job we would have been more hesitant to move. More so it was not the right timing, it was time to wait and grow in faith in God and not my own abilities.

Shortly after my feedback from the company I  heard this whisper: “This job is yours, will you trust me in the wait?” HA! HA! How was this possible?  I was just turned down for the very job that I was actively recruited for? I mean really? Really? The turn down was classic. I’m sure they tell all of their candidates that, so I thought. But wait…there’s more!

So with this glimmer of hope in what God was speaking, “the job is yours, will you trust me in the wait,” I informed the recruiter I was relocating to another state. She reassured me we would stay in contact and would put me in contact with the recruiter in the new state. I’ll admit it, my faith was the size of a mustard seed at this point. And after several months went by, I was put in touch with the new recruiter.

A year would pass before I had some sort of communication with the recruiter again. Somehow, by the grace of God I held on to what he spoke; this was my job. Didn’t know how, when, where, just a knowing and a peace in my spirit someway, somehow this will work out and God would get the glory from this! I was then put into contact with multiple individuals having a total of 7 interviews. I eventually landed the job which has turned out to be an amazing blessing however it took a year and a half to walk through the parched land of wait.

What happened during the year and half wait? It turned out to be “the more.”In the wait, God was working on my heart. He was working on my response toward my current position. God was walking me through how to be grateful in the moment and grateful for the journey toward the promise. He was working out the desire to be in control and softening my response to leadership. “The more” was learning how to remember day to day that my life was in His hands.

God never gives us more than what we can handle and He knew I was capable of honoring Him in the wait. He showed me daily how to hear His voice and how I would honor Him by giving my former company 100% during the transition. Would I show up with enthusiasm and deliver the same results and inspire a team to greatness even when my heart was ready and eager to take on the new company?  Would I finish strong and leave a legacy? This was the was “the more”! I was answering daily, I trust you God in this wait!

It was not easy. Waiting for a promise is not easy.  Discouragement and discontentment can creep in quickly flooding you mind with questions of Why? When?  and for me how, when the original answer was no? To truly glorify God in the wait we must be willing to surrender to have faith in God that He has us right where He wants us be. To give it over to Him, remain in patience and composure.

But if we hope for what is still unseen by us, we wait for it with patience and composure.

Romans 8:25

So are you there yet? Are you patient in your wait? Are you composed and honor God in your wait? The wait becomes easier when we remove our faith and trust in ourselves and our abilities and truly have faith in God. He knows the perfect timing. If you find yourself in a transition consider how you honor God in your wait. Hold on to the hope of what God has promised you, because it is yours. Rest in peace. What you have gracefully waited for will be worth it. I believe you will be able to say you’ve trusted God in the wait!

But wait…what’s the more? A life full of peace, hope and joy! A faith in knowing God has our lives in His hands. When you look back on it you know His timing is perfect! Enjoy the wait, because there is more!



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