Our greatest desire as human beings is to know that we are loved and accepted. Think about that for a moment! God is love and we were beautifully and wonderfully created in His image and likeness and it’s no wonder or coincidence we desire to be loved and our deepest desire is to love. We were created to be loved and to live out our lives in love. The enemy of our soul is seeking to keep us from embracing this love through lies based in fear. When we don’t embrace love we embrace fear and therefore live a life believing the stories of fear. How do we embrace love? It begins with hearing and seeing the truth in what God says about you. It begins with knowing you are His beloved to be love!

Not that long ago I began to ask myself, what was keeping me from being my true authentic self? What were some of the lies I have allowed over the years to take root and flourish, keeping me from my fullest potential? As I peeled back the layers, I discovered I felt unloved and there was a deep-rooted fear of being rejected by my father.

My father was not present in my life. He promised many things and never delivered.  I never heard the “I love you” “I’m proud of you” As a child, I always felt something was missing; his love and attention. I would begin to believe the lies of having to perform and to people please to be loved. Believing in lies influenced how I compared and saw myself and how I would live my life looking outward for validation! Until… God got a hold of me and reminded me of this truth; I am loved!

 You are beautiful! Your hair, your shoulders, your skin color is just the perfect color for you. You are beautifully and wonderfully created. You are accepted.  You don’t have to look outside to be validated. You are His beloved, you are enough!

You are not fatherless. You are not forgotten. You are not rejected. You are loved!

Don’t make decisions out of fear of rejection. What matters most is you pleasing your heavenly father. Choose to remain in this peace! Listen to your heart,  you have wisdom beyond your years.

Forgive quickly, forgive daily, forgive others and forgive yourself to live a life free from guilt and shame.

Choose to remain in peace! Choose love over fear! You are my beloved!

Beloved, believing in the lie that you are unloved or unaccepted produces a faith in fear and this fear keeps us from recognizing the love of God in our lives and hinders us from being who He has called us to be.  This fear distracts us from hope and hope deferred makes the heart-sick. It is crippling and keeps us from living our fullest potential no longer a threat to the enemy.

You may ask a threat?  Yes, a threat! Let me remind you, you are beautifully and wonderfully created for such a time as this. You have gifts and talents that are uniquely yours. You have a great work to share. To live a life free from fear and full of faith in the love of God! Living a life embracing God’s love for you, you become a threat to dismantling the enemy’s agenda of destroying hope in love in this world.

The enemy of your soul is out to kill your hope, steal your joy and destroy your God-given future rooted in love and sharing this love.  Why? You remind him of what he left to live for and that was to exalt himself above God. The enemy knows his future and wants you to join him in destruction which begins with believing lies.

This is great news! I’ll say it again YOU ARE A THREAT to the enemy’s agenda and because you are a threat to his strategy  he looks to play for keeps. Working to keep you in believing lies. The only strategy the enemy has is to inspire you to believe lies. The truth is not in him. Lies that you are not enough, you shouldn’t forgive to protect yourself, or look outside for validation or approval. Lies that you heard through your childhood and through the years that you chose to believe as truth.  The beauty in all of this is choice is always yours!  You have a choice to replace the lies with love. Love is the truth and this truth will set you free to be who God has called you to be.

Take a moment to ask yourself; What lies have I held onto? What lies will I surrender and receive truth? What lies are keeping me from my destiny? What does God say about me?

You were created to be loved and to share this love destroying the strategy of the enemy. There is a life of peace, hope and joy! A life fulfilled seeking God’s will for your life and replacing the lies with love.  What will you tell YOUR beautiful self today? That you are His Beloved!


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