I’m all about a challenge. Why? I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy? I will say I don’t like to stay stagnant. I love the feeling of growing, learning and staying curious and a challenge is just that. A challenged focus in an area to get uncomfortable grow and streach and see impact. My desire is simple, to find some casi cielo, or a little piece of heaven in the day, a moment of gratitude!

For the month of November I have decided to participate in a 30 days of gratitude challenge. Focusing each day of this month on cultivating a more grateful heart. The default is to focus on the obvious, the negative. It’s easy to complain, to find fault instead of look within and ask what if I saw this different? What if I found a little piece of heaven in this moment, this day and in life?

I invite you to join me. What will you find gratitude in? How will you spend your next days? What moments will you pause and shift toward an attitude of gratitude? It’s a challenge starting November 1st!


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