Breath #30daysofgratitude

Welcome to November 1st and as I shared yesterday, I’m starting a 30 days of gratitude challenge. My goal is simple, to create some casi cielo or almost heaven moments in my day, and hopefully yours, through capturing moments that cultivate an attitude of gratitude!

Well breathing is always a good thing! We may laugh at that but I am quickly reminded that someone, somewhere just took their last breath and someone won’t make it home to loved ones tonight. I am grateful for breath! And while I have breath in my lungs I am here for purpose.

Yesterday I just celebrated my birthday and November 1st usually marks my “new year”. I enjoy reflecting on the previous year. Grateful for challenges, the opportunities and successes. I love to take a look into the new year and plan ahead, however none of this is possible without breath.

Breath means life and if you are reading this you too have breath and therefore life to live. Although we are never promised tomorrow, we have breath now, a life to live now.

Today I am grateful for breath, it means I still have purpose and life to live to the fullest today!

What casi cielo moment are you grateful for today?


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