My hubs #30daysofgratitude

November 2

Where do I start with this man right here? My lover, partner, friend, encourager…I mean this list could go on and on. We’ve been through some moments together and yet we would do it all again. He has been there! Through the better and the worst proving love is beyond the goosebumps and butterflies.

This man pushes me to go further, dig deeper and look beyond. He has shown me how to trust and take a leap. He is full of compassion and strong willed. He’s a fighter yet not afraid to cry in front of me or admit wrong. He is a father committed to our babies.

He is also an amazing minister! He ministers with passion and compassion! I will say though, EVERYTHING is a message including; THIS mountain of clothes shall be removed! Nothing is off limits!

I truly enjoy his presence and the casi cielo moments I have with my hubs. I’m grateful for WC.

What moment are you grateful for today?


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