Mr. Maddox #30daysofgratitude

Today we celebrate Maddox’s first birthday! Such an amazing milestone considering his entrance into this world.

During labor, Maddox’s placenta separated and as a result he was not getting enough oxygenated blood. When he was delivered he had no pulse, he was not breathing and his skin was blue. The response team of 8-10 individuals came into the delivery room within moments of his delivery and surrounded his lifeless body.

About 5 minutes had passed, and still no sound. The 5 minutes felt like an eternity! All I could think, and pray was God please save him. Save him!

We heard a faint cry… but it was a cry! God had stepped in and breathed life into his body!

Today I am grateful for Maddox. He is my reminder that God is still in the business of miracles today. My prayer was simple, nothing fancy. God stepped in and saved my first grand baby!

Today, what are you grateful for?


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