Starbucks  #30daysofgratitude

November 5th

I was fortunate to work at the most recognized coffee company in the world, Starbucks. Coffee just happens to be one of my favorite drinks, so I hung around for 12 years.

Beyond all the amazing flavor profiles and drink concoctions available at Starbucks, the company is deeply rooted in a story of entrepreneur spirit through living out your passion!

Several years ago, Howard Shultz was responsible for bringing this entrepreneur spirit to a less known coffee company, Starbucks.  After visiting Italy, Howard had a vision and looked to inspire a culture of coffee excellence here in the states that would eventually expand around the world. Many questioned the  possibility of success introducing specialized coffee and fancy equipment to make foreign drinks called lattes and cappuccinos.  However, Howard was challeneged to look beyond the current state of what is to look at what could be. He recogonized it would take the same mindset of the partners around him to see creative possibilities to drive this passion forward.

I can remember as a store leader being inspired to have this entrepreneur spirit. Challenged to think outside of the box when leading my teams to success. Coming up with creative solutions to inspire others to do great things was how we did business.

Today I am grateful for Starbucks, for them memorable years of training and development that inspired me to live out my passion and be the best leader everyday!

What are your grateful today?


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