No complain Mondays #30daysofgratitude

Haha! You maybe thinking, How? Why? Mondays? Yes I’m going to go out here and say that I am grateful for Mondays. I didn’t always feel this way, and maybe it’s been easier to accept Mondays because I’ve worked retail and frequently work weekends so Monday is not always the dreaded start of my work week. However I can say I’m grateful for Mondays.

What is it about Mondays that became one of the most dreaded days of the week? For me, Mondays used to be long, full of reporting what the business accomplished; answering why we didn’t meet goals and targets. The analysis was followed with action plans to close the gap between performance and goals. Mondays also meant processing payroll, building schedules, order and inventory….on and on and on. While I have since switched companies, the tasks and demand are still the similar on Mondays, it has been my approach to Mondays and every day of the week that has changed.

About three years ago I took on a challenge: not to complain on Mondays. IT WAS A CHALLENGE! The first Monday I couldn’t believe how many times throughout the day I thought about complaining. It was right there, at the tip of my tongue…I so wanted to, but I committed to the challenge with some peers so I had to stick with it. Initially I couldn’t  let them out perform me…in NOT complaining!  Eventually, the “No complain Monday” turned into so much more.

My initial goal was not to complain once a week, Mondays, but to my surprise it felt so good to refrain from complaining more days of the weeks. What I noticed is  I actually accomplished more in less time.  The workload never changed, and I didn’t stop working to enjoy Mondays, I chose to stop complaining about the work and prayed for wisdom. I asked for the grace to stop the negativity and focus on what I could do in small chunks. I began to  see clearly how to prioritize what was important versus urgent.  Mondays became more full of hope and figureoutable!

So do I ever complain? Yes I do, however it’s less frequently because I am reminded of those Mondays that I found hope!  It has become easier to pray for wisdom than to complain my way through the day. 

What are you grateful for today, THIS Monday?


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