Happy Birthday to Maya! #30daysofgratitude

Wow! I can’t believe our daughter Maya turns 20 today! Happy birthday to our little (not so little) princess!

I remember holding you in my arms, thinking how can I do this? I was so young myself! Babies don’t come with step by step instructions or warnings, they just show up!

And Maya, you are still showing up, even in the midst of all that you have been through, you are showing up!  Your dad and I are so proud of you!

You are such a blessing to your dad and I, you truly make us smile! Being first time parents we were never perfect; I’m sure you were more protected than you needed to be. It was truly our unconditional love for you knowing God placed you in our lives.

Maya, you are beautifully and wonderfully created for such a time as this. Today we celebrate your day of birth and twenty years on this earth. We look forward to many years to come. 

I am grateful for my first born Maya. She made me a mom! Thank you for showing up and know that God has mighty plans for your life!

What are you grateful for today?


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