Vulnerability #30daysofgratitude

Being vulnerable has received such a bad wrap.  We live in a world where we feel the need to show the “tough guy face” or that we’ve  got it all together. This pressure to perform inhibits our ability to grow and frowns upon the liberating potential of being vulnerable.

Being vulnerable enables spiritual and intellectual growth. Being vulnerable shows humility and enables a teachable heart.

Last month I wrote tally, which for me was quite liberating. The particular area of keeping score spoke to the “tough guy face”.  I thought I truly had walked out forgiveness, as it turned out, my responses showed different. I was “protecting myself” and didn’t want to be vulnerable to receive healing in my heart.

I’ve heard this phrase, God longs to heal what we hate to reveal. When we reveal, we become vulnerable. When we become vunerable, there is this powerful release of love that floods our heart enabling us to see the circumstances how God see them. Through vulnerability, what we’ve  hated to reveal, we can receive healing to our hurting heart empowering us to let go and walk free.

Today I am grateful for God loving me to keep me humble and vulnerable. This vulnerability keeps me teachable and filled with love for others! What are you grateful for today?


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