Listen #30daysofgratitude

The ability to listen, is truly a blessing. There is a difference between being able to listen and hearing. To hear something, means you perceive with the ear a sound made by someone or something. To listen means to give one’s attention to a sound; to pay attention to.

I remember when I first started managing many years ago I received some very valuable feedback about my ability to listen. My assistant manager at the time confronted and shared she with me specific incidents when she felt I didn’t listen. She expressed I was frequently multitasking, distracted or disengaged in our conversation. I was shocked and I took the feedback personally. I felt I was a good listener and certainly this observation not true.  Of course I heard her, I felt I’d be more productive in multitasking.

In my attempt to be more productive the truth was, I was not valuing this other individual. It was disrespectful and un empathetic. I needed to see how she felt unsupported and how l needed to master this to begin to add value I her life. The next time we talked, I noticed how I was not present and was not actively listening. Eye opening! And ever since that conversation I’ve been on a quest to listen.

Listening goes beyond hearing a sound, it makes a clear statement: I value you, I appreciate you and want to pay attention to what you have to say. Listening speaks: You are more important to me than this task.

It’s interesting the same letters that are in the word listen are in the word silent. To truly listen you must be silent, present. I guarantee in that moment of silence you will hear so much more!

Today I am grateful for the feedback I received to learn to listen. What are you grateful for today?


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