Courage #30daysofgratitude

So grateful to call these two friends! Brian and Elizabeth are truly more like family to Willie and I. We have known these two for years, Brian was the best man in our wedding and Willie officiated their wedding. Beautiful people!

What we admire about Brian and Elizabeth is their courage. Both are entrepreneurs and are the definition of courage. True entrepreneurs never settle or should I say get comfortable too long. We have never known these two to sit still to long. They don’t live average, they redefine excellence in whatever they do.

I remember when I  first met Brian, he was a successful lead stylist with Aveda. Through Aveda, he traveled the country training hundreds of other stylists, representing the brand and styling excellence. From the outside, it was a great accomplishment and not a shabby gig. He was well known in the industry and a sought after stylist. However,  in the midst of what some would consider the height of his career, he was not willing to settle; courage was lurking!

In fact, Brian left Aveda, rented a chair for some months while he designed his own salon, Details Style Lab. During his transition from Aveda to Salon Owner, I’m sure he had plenty of naysayers. The folks who shared unsolicited advice on his courageous move. Brian was willing to take that risk and stepped intio courage. Average was not in his vocabulary. 

Brian and Elizabeth own Details Style Lab in downtown St.Paul. Their current project is The Dale House St. Paul, a  beautifully renovated, pet friendly, vacation rental.

A perfect vacation spot for those visiting the Twin Cities area. See…never settling!

I am grateful for their friendship and being that voice of encouragement in our lives. They inspire Willie and I to think outside of the box and just go for it, no matter the naysayers! That’s courage!

What are you grateful for today?


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