Priceless #30daysofgratitude

Welcome to Black Friday, which for some retailers started on Thanksgiving but historically has been one of the biggest shopping days of the year. So this post is not to condemn you if you have shopped and found some great deals today, yesterday or this weekend, I’ve written this as a reminder that life is more than the accumulation of things.

Things are things.  We were created to enjoy what has been created. However let’s be real, there can be a dark side to accumulating things. The questions I’ve asked myself lately is do I really need this? Or, Am I being a good steward of what’s been given to me? Anything accumulated outside of the will of God is greed and greed knows no end. Greed is not satisfied and sometimes in this season we can get caught up in accumulating things and buy into the belief that things bring happiness.

Happiness is an inside job and we don’t need things to make us happy. Life is precious and priceless now! When we take our last breath, we cannot take any if these things with us.

As we enter this busy shopping season, I am grateful for the reminder that life is priceless and no accumulation of things, even on Black Friday, will replace this gift of life!

What are you grateful for today?


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