It’s a wrap! #30daysofgratitude

Well here it is, the last day of my personal challenge. My goal? To focus daily on things that I was grateful for; 30 days of gratitude. I will admit, some days were easier than others. On the difficult days of life, I had to dig deep, and remove the lens of disappointment or frustration to see something I was grateful for. What I have learned is gratitude is a choice, like a muscle that needs flexing and strengthening. It became easier, and I felt I was gaining momentum when I simply slowed down. 

30 days of gratitude was just the start of a life focused on daily gratitude, and I hope my journey has inspired you. Every day is a gift, and as we age, it feels like the moments gain momentum.  Life can pass us by if we let it, never capturing moments of gratitude. However, even within the momentum of life, we can capture the moments and choose gratitude.

My purpose in this was to slow down and appreciate the little things, that to my surprise, turned out to be the big things. Life is truly more than accumulating things, as things cannot bring happiness. True gratitude is an inside job, and if we slow down, we can find gratitude within, to appreciate the gifts around us.

Gratitude is the gift. A life centered on a limitless God who wants to you to live a life full of hope and joy. 

To wrap this up, I’ll ask what are you grateful for? And maybe today is the day you begin a life, day to day, capturing moments of gratitude!


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