That I may know Him, my only resolution!

Happy New Year! Well I think I can technically say that for a few more days, right? Who knows what rules are and how long it is appropriate for sharing Happy New Year; some rules need to be broken.

 I really enjoy this time of year. There is such an anticipation and feeling of hope that somehow, things will be better in this new year. We have this moment in common. We are leaving the previous year behind and for many, we find the opportunity to see possibility to set a goal or resolve to change someway in this new year.

Entering the new year also gives us a moment to reflect on what we’ve accomplished the previous year or maybe left undone. Regardless if you believe in setting New Years resolutions, I am sure in your life you have set some type of goal. And I believe it is safe to say, in this goal you have looked to see change or gain momentum in a new habit. We’ve been there. However, what if there is a resolution that is simple yet completely focused on the author and finisher of your faith? What if this resolution was really the only resolution you’ll need to complete any other goal or resolution?

This year I have kept it simple when it comes to the infamous New Years resolution or the resolve to change. The greatest desire I have or shall I say, theme I have for this year is That I may know Him. Simple, yet a true challenge in my loud world.  Seeking His face; His voice in Everything! Yes everything. How? Through a surrendered heart, removing  preconceived ideas and agendas and living a life full of prayer.

If you have known me or read any of my blogs, you know I frequently write about the desire and danger of being in control. There are certain areas in my life where I have not lived fully surrendered and therefore feel the need to control and not trust the God of this universe. While striving for excellence is one thing, wanting to control many details replaces what God can do in a situation. In all reality, I play god.

So what does this mean, That I may know Him? It means that I will truly trust God with my day to day and remove myself off the throne. This will require knowing His voice and looking for His lead in every aspect of my life. I believe it  means a moment by moment hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit leading and guiding me into all truth. It will mean what Colosans 4:2 says Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving. An already made decision to live a life prayer full, prayer filled.

I think about Jesus life on earth and how successful it was. How?  He fulfilled The Father’s will for his life on earth. The how was in his continued steadfast life of pray. Always seeking, always pausing and praying, hearing what the Father gave him to do in every moment. Jesus life was miraculous because it was a life full of prayer. 

So here is my new look on success: how well do I know Him in this moment, right here right now. We are not promised tomorrow and through my new look at A.S.A.P. Always stop and pray that I may know Him in the moment I’m in. Hit the pause button, pump the brakes on my agenda and to always stop and pray. 

My thought is, if you can trust God with eternity why won’t you trust him with the day to day, the moment to moment?

This New Year I invite you to consider the only real resolution, That I may know Him,  through a life full of hope rooted in a moment by moment pray! 

I pray this blog serves you! Feel free to leave a comment below I would love to hear your thoughts 

Love you and Happy New Year!



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