In case you are living in a cave, you may not know what this acronym stands for.  FOMO is the acronym for the “fear of missing out.” This acronym is actually considered a social anxiety in which a person feels as if they are missing out on an important experience or opportunity.  While the desire to be in “the know” as it pertains to social media, may start out innocent,  it can lead to living distracted from all that matters which is a life centered on knowing what’s trending in the Kingdom of God and his will. 

 We have all felt the feeling of not being in “the know” or included.  There is certain insecurity rises and we begin to lean into the fear of man and “rest” in anxiety. This is a fear that drives the desire to check social media frequently. Checking posts, pictures, stories and what’s trending now! The desire is to be included and not left out. The desire to know and to be included on social media is real and has become an addictive behavior for many.

Now before you think I am anti-social media, I am not. I believe social media is a great tool to connect and share faster than ever. I use social media as a vehicle to bring encouragement to bless many through this blog. However there is a dark side to all this socializing. It can take over and tend to become be the first and last of our day. It can be our “go-to” for approval and eventually develop into a comparison that is a breeding ground for jealousy and envy. When it becomes a craving or the feeling you cannot go a day without checking it, then we know the tool has become our source and replaced God.

How do I know  FOMO, when it pertains to social media, has become a god?  Try removing it. When there is no access, is there a fear that begins to brown?  Is there a longing to know what’s trending that builds into anxiety? The bottom line is, as with ANYTHING, if it replaces your relationship with God, it is a god. It is what you are bowing down to! #beingreal

The enemy only uses what’s common to man, what’s trending and relevant now.  What is common is the fear of missing out, a fear of being left out. Satan sows seeds in his native language, which is lies, to create distraction from the real thing, God our Father and a distraction to keep you from His will for our lives.

The continued distractions from social media only fuel our fear of missing out and anchors our hope in fear. In FOMO, our joy, acceptance, happiness is tied to outside circumstances. We respond to what’s trending and the response is often rooted in fear not love. The FOMO serves it’s purpose of the plan of the enemy which is to: steal your peace from God, kill your hope in God, and destroy your faith in God. It is a distraction.

What happens in FOMO as it pertains to social media? We are continually lured into checking posts, updates and trends that we begin pondering, meditating, and comparing. This then creates a fear of not knowing. We then give way to a spirit of entitlement that is birthed out of a greed. As a result, we align with the trending lies of: I deserve now, why not me, I should have that, I should look like that…..on and on. It is a continual lust for more and with greed, it knows no end!

What if we flipped this? #flipped What if we replaced the fear of missing out from the day-to-day social media posts and distractions with, a fear of missing out on the will of God for our lives and living day-to-day looking for His lead? Whoa! Let’s pause…marinate…take a moment…right here…Selah!

Imagine a peace in knowing that we can look to God instead the continual threads and hashtags. The truth is we are missing out on real life when we operate in FOMO as it pertains to social media. There’s #hope! There IS a peace that comes when we put social media in its place and look to who needs to be our Alpha and Omega. When we have a FOMO as it pertains to the will of God for our lives, their is no need to compare or ponder other posts. You are so caught up in fulfilling His posts that are placed on your heart, you are updated with what’s trending in His kingdom, your life is a hashtag that points toward God!

Today, while it is still today, I invite you to check your feed. What FOMO do you feed on? I pray you begin to use social media as a tool for spreading hashtags of love and look to God as your Alpha and Omega. Let Him post on your heart what’s on His heart! Let Him share what’s trending in the Kingdom of God. Let the fear of missing out be a reverential fear and desire to seek first His kingdom and fear missing out on what God has planned for your life!

I pray this message serves you! 


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