You are loved!

On this perfectly fabricated holiday that points toward a performance based love, let me take this opportunity to remind you; you are loved. Remove the balloons, candy and flowers from Valentines Day and bottom line, you are loved unconditionally and knowing this truth will enable you to walk in a real love outside of the expectations that this day brings. 

I can’t remember the last time my hubs and I celebrated Valentines Day. Now we may have gone out to eat on this day over the years, however we have found it more relaxing to grab some steaks and just stay in. We don’t get caught up in the performance based love of this day. We are anchored in peace and know we are loved. We can rest in love and we have chosen to celebrate love erryday! We don’t wait for a holiday to express our love. We look to God who is love, our everlasting love that will never deflate like a balloon or go on clearance the day after Valentines Day.

There is an undefined illusion of love that seems to magnify on Valentines Day. On this day or in other ares of our lives, we can be moved and motivated by the performance tasks of love, why? Why are we performance driven and look outward instead of in? We forget we are loved. We have a belief we must perform to receive love. We may feel unloveable  and feel like we have to become someone we are not to try to meet an ideal, a preconditioned, or a preconceived expectation. Quite frankly is exhausting and costly. This is not just about Valentines Day, this can translate to any area you feel more performance driven. The illusion is we have to work or perform in exchange for love and acceptance. 

There is hope!

When you know you are loved the “have to’s ” and the “shoulds” dissolve and become a want to, a desire to, outside of the boundaries of a predetermined holiday or preconceived ideas. Who wants anything from someone who feels obligated to do something to feel accepted. Even if we feel guilty, God is greater than our feelings, and he knows everything. 1 John 3:20.

Let me remind you, you are loved, you are already loved. You’ve been loved, will be loved, forever loved.

Interms of celebrating and buying into the commercialism of Valentines Day, that’s up to you. There is nothing wrong with buying candy, flowers and going out to eat. I challenge your thought on removing the “have to’s”, “the shoulds” of the performance driven tasks of showing love. Performance driven love is rooted in fear. Instead, replace with a real love that celebrates love 365 days. A love knowing you are loved that births a desire to love.

Happy love day, every day! 


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