Can’t? Yes you can… drop the “T”

And looking at them, Jesus said, “With people it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

As an operator, I am responsible for an amazing customer service experience in my store. I help uncover the clutter and get to the “whys” behind poor performance. Removing the cant’s and getting to the possibility of can-do. I often witness the behavior of employees, review reporting  and provide specific feedback to individuals who get stuck in delivering poor performance. The conversation with the individual(s) include specifically what they are doing that lacks contribution to a great customer experience and it often involves replacing the can’t with can ultimately helping them move in a positive direction.

The same could be said in our own personal lives how we too can get stuck  in a negative behavior fueled by a “can’t mentality.” The obstacles in life are overwhelming at times. We get stuck in a story of can’t and our decisions are based on this story. We then live a life that is limited to our possibilities of can’t instead of living with the possibilities of can with God.

We desire living a life full, rich and with purpose. We have gifts and talents which are entrusted to us to help us live out our God-given dream. So what gets in our way of seeing obstacles as CAN and possibilities? Where do we get stuck? How can we set aside the can’t and replace with a “can mentality” with God?

In order to live a life full of God possibility, or a life removing the can’t mentality,  we must recognize that the most important activity we can do is witness and forgive ourselves for relying on your own strength.

Witness and or recognize the “can’t mentality” and corresponding “can’t vocabulary.” Pause and pay attention to what we are saying to ourselves and then speaking out.  We may have to do this again and again…and again.  We tend to live in a place of fear.  Fear of the unknown and fear from past mistakes which are just a few stories we maybe currently rehearsing.  Take a moment, witness this, then forgive.

Forgive and release the “can’t mentality” the “can’t vocabulary.” We must forgive ourselves for trusting in our limited resources and abilities. Forgive ourselves for struggling or striving in our own strength, ask for forgiveness. This allows a transformational process to being which allows us to see God working through us to walk out a life of can and finally seeing the possibility dropping the “T” from can’t.

Witnessing and forgiving the can’t story is just the start. How do we drop the “T” and transition toward a life of possibility, a life of we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength? Lasting transformation or change involves a replacement. Replacing our old ways with new. This is not a one-stop-shop.  This will require some repetition. Allow the grace of God to empower you through this and you will begin to see a life of possibility with God.

These are the areas we can replace with can and drop the “T” from can’t.

THINKING: We go in the direction of what we are thinking about, meditating on or pondering. What ever you water in your head grows! So what should we be thinking about?

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things. Philippians 4:8 

What is consuming your thoughts? What are you TELLING OR TALKING to yourself? What story are you DWELLING on or what page are negatively reading over and over? Negativity, can’t, it’s too hard, or it’s too late? Whatever is expressed in our thought life and self talk will manifest itself in our lives. To dwell in possibility with God, we must witness our thought life, forgive ourselves for not aligning with TRUTH and replace with Philippians 4:8.

TIME:  What are we giving time to…I’ll leave this right here! We have all been gifted with the same 24 hours.  How we are spending our time influences what gets in us entering through our eyes and ears. Our eyes and ears are the gates and work in tandem creating an impression or seeds sown helping us see or hindering our belief in the God of possibilities. The time or lack of time spent with God has impact. Time spent contributes to our can or can’t mentality. We must begin to witness how we steward our time. Ask for forgiveness and look to steward our time in a way that glorifies God in His abundant possibilities.

THANKFUL: What areas can we infuse some thankfulness or gratitude? I have plenty!  In the “can’t mentality” we often look to what we don’t have and overlook what we do, missing the sweet spot of a thankful heart. Giving thanks shows appreciation for what we have and positions us to walk in a peace and joy. When we are grateful for the here and now, I believe this is a form of surrender. A surrender of preconceived ideas of thinking what we should have or how we think things should go. This surrender opens the door for God to step in and surpass our in-abilities removing the can’t from our vocabulary and walking in the God possibilities for our lives!

TRUST: A lack of trust or faith in God in areas of our lives often means we feel we must control. When we have a fixed desire to control all the areas of our lives,  we are really operating in a spirit of fear. A fear that inspires a panic, a have-to now! As a result produces decisions made outside of where we ultimately want to go. We must witness the areas of our lives that lack trust in God in order for us to remove the “T” from can’t.  Because without faith, it impossible to please God! (Hebrews 11:6)

Here’s the bottom line…

With God all things are possible. To begin to remove the “T” from can’t we must begin to witness where we get stuck in fear stories and forgive. Let’s begin to look at what we are thinking about and the time we are spending. To see God possibilities, let’s seek ways to infuse a thankful heart and witness with whom we are placing our trust.  We can allow the grace of God to begin a transformational process of change to help us see a life with abundant possibilities with God.  Removing the “T” from can’t and recognize with God all things are possible!



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