For Peace Sake!

I often write about living out a surrendered life, free from control. And here I am again this month on this subject. Maybe it’s something you are working through, maybe not, but I can guarantee you have been faced with a moment of surrendering; a letting go, to let God lead.  I am learning, it is in this surrender where we find true peace and a joy  that no amount of control or living a “perfect” life can bring.

Let’s be real, surrender is not a glamorous subject. Who wants to talk about how or why it’s important to surrender especially in this selfie focused culture? We enter adulthood filled with preconceived ideas of how we think it should work out. We have our plans our agendas of how we should live our lives. We want to live here, we want to have this, that, this job, or 1.5 kids with a white picketed fence, on and on. A life, created and perfectly planned out in our head,  based on preconceived expectations of how we believe life should unfold. These preconceived expectations provide the perfect platform to justify control and avoid a surrender to God’s plan for our lives. (After all, God may not know what He’s doing.)

And..before you know it, this thing called “life” happens, in the midst of your “busy” making plans.

Life can begin to unfold into this unplanned, “not supposed to” disappointment. Full of: why didn’t life go as how we thought it should have? As a result, we dwell in frustration and disappointment of the “should haves”. How do we become disappointed?  We believe life didn’t go how we thought it should have went. Life didn’t go as planned. We have not lived how we have wanted to. As a result, the unfolding circumstances dictated choices that were rooted in fear and therefore justified WE MUST CONTROL to get back to the life we thought we should have had.

As I shared last month, surrendering  means we must let go of control. Control is faith in self, rooted in fear. Pride is a misplaced faith in self also rooted in fear with an inability to trust the path God has for us. Truly opposite of the life Jesus led here on earth, which was completely surrendered looking to the Father’s will in EVERYTHING. Not my will, but yours be done was His preconceived agenda. His choices were from a heart’s desire to please God, not made out of fear in order to please self. Surrendered and poured out, Jesus is our beautiful example of a life glorifying faith in God and not in His ability to control.

For Peace sake, where did we go wrong? We’ve embraced a lie! We have this belief that if we control, somehow “it” would be better. We think we can produce peace and joy with our agendas when this is far from the truth! Our agenda may produce temporary satisfaction, but we are left searching again looking to control again. Control does not create peace, it propels fear.

So why would ANYONE want to let go of control or release a life striving to control people or outcomes? The answer? For the sake of peace and joy. I truly believe peace and joy is what we are after. A life of peace and joy no matter what is swirling around us. The cliche “A calm in the midst of the storm”. Peace is what was given us, and who would’t want peace which produces joy in the midst of what we are facing in our world today.

Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful. John 14:27

So to get at peace and joy, we must surrender control relying on preconceived expectations of our will to the will of God and remove the faith in self to be replaced with a faith in God. Without faith, in God, it’s impossible to please God. This requires a surrendering of will how we think it should look, the timeframe or outcome and replacing with faith in God’s timing and His outcome with His lead.

For Peace Sake! Today wave the white flag of surrender of control in your heart and place your faith in God to trust His plans for your life, this day, and every moment.


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